The Happy Pelvis Complete Handbook by ESC Holistic Sexual Wellness

The Happy Pelvis Complete Handbook

The Happy Pelvis Complete Handbook is the pelvic floor education your didn’t (but should have) gotten in sex ed!
Having a happy healthy pelvis plays a critical role in creating a fulfilling sex life. When your pelvis is the right combination of strong and flexible it can lead to increased sensation during sex, more orgasms, more pleasure, as well as less pain and numbness in the genitals. 

However, many of us experience pelvis’s that are weak or chronically clenched, which can stand between us and the sex life of our dreams.

This handbook contains information on anatomy of the pelvic floor as well as the two major conditions that block a happy pelvis: pelvic pain and pelvic weakness. 

It also details how you can remedy these two conditions using body-based exercises and natural remedies such as genital mapping, genital dearmouring, scar tissue remediation, breath work, yoga, jade egg practices and other simple but powerful exercises to get your pelvis smiling hip bone to hip bone!

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The Happy Pelvis Complete Handbook
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